RISE & Shine 

Trauma Informed Recovery & Transformation Program


A trauma-informed, recovery and transformation program that provides a safe space to open your mind to the unfamiliar and gain transformational awareness and guidance that will support you in your journey to close the gap between what you want and what you are experiencing.  This program delivers new content weekly for 20 weeks, allowing you to work at your own pace.  You will have an additional 12 months to complete this program once all 20 lessons have been released.  Weekly question & answer sessions are provided to further support you in your journey.


A one-time payment for this program will include a BONUS Daily Joy Journal - your very own (cute!) power tool that makes it easy to train your brain and bring joy into your life more easily.

One Time Payment Offer (Includes BONUS Journal)

5 Monthly payments is also available for easier accessibility. 

5 Monthly Payment Offer


For the women who is in it:  I see you.  And, I feel you. 

If this program is not financially available to you,

please reach out for more options at [email protected]

Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are an intimate experience designed to meet you where you're at.  These sessions provide an opportunity to get ultra-focused, receive custom guidance and individual support in your journey providing transformational awareness, healing and accountability to create positive results that will change your life.




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