I'm Cheryl.  I'm a Trauma-Informed Positive Psychology Coach, Narcissistic Abuse Educator and Joyful Living Coach.  I specialize in helping women overcome stress and trauma from narcissistic abuse.  My mission is to inspire women who feel like they have lost hope to reconnect with themself at the deepest level so they can discover powerful clarity, and intentionally create the life they desire.

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Rise & Shine is a guided program that provides a safe space to open your mind to the unfamiliar while you gain transformational awareness that will support you in your journey to close the gap between what you want and what you are experiencing.

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Individual coaching sessions are an intimate experience designed to meet you where you're at.  These sessions provide an opportunity to get ultra-focused, receive custom guidance and individual support in your journey providing transformational awareness, healing and accountability to create positive results that will change your life.


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