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I'm Cheryl Foster.  I'm a trauma-informed joy leader creating generational change by integrating therapies such as polyvagal theory, internal family systems and positive psychology to support healing, educating and empowering women to recover from narcissistic abuse so they can return to the deepest parts of themself and live a life they truly love. 

Healing unseen wounds facilitates root cause resolution - an essential part of overcoming negative patterns in your life. 

While I have been trained to guide this, I know this most deeply because I have been there.  For me, this looked like financial, psychological, and emotional abuse from a narcissistic relationship that eventually turned my life upside down.  I went from being highly frustrated, hurt and confused - desperately trying to do anything I could to save my relationship - to trying to save my life and keep my children safe from someone who felt like a stranger.  I know what it feels like to feel stuck, afraid, alone, frustrated, and depressed.  And, I know the shame and confusion that comes with loving someone who continues to hurt you.

The answers are available.  Hope is available.  Joy is available.  With awareness and action you can recover from your past and move toward the life you want to live.  My role is to educate, guide, and hold a safe space for you on your journey to explore your truth and uncover the answers that you already hold within you. 

Related Training & Qualifications

  • ICF & CPD Accredited Narcissistic Trauma Informed Coach
  • CPD Accredited Narcissitic Abuse Specialist
  • Certified Trauma Informed Positive Psychology Practitioner
  • Certified Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Joy Sessions Facilitator
  • Brainspotting (Phase I) Practitioner

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