Meet Cheryl

Creator of the Claiming Happy podcast, Cheryl Foster is a trauma-informed narcissistic abuse and trauma recovery specialist who believes that everyone has access to living their BEST life in JOY!  Cheryl’s mission is to inspire women who have been affected by emotional abuse to transform their life, light up their world and choose to grow their dreams.  As a result of past narcissistic abuse, trauma, and depression; Cheryl developed the 5-phase framework that she personally used to heal herself when conventional talk-therapy pushed her further into guilt and shame.  Her unique integration of past experiences, trauma-informed awareness and specialized training now allows her to guide and support those who are ready to commit to change so they can heal, discover who they truly are, and grow while thriving in freedom and living their best life.   She uses brain-body based therapies and coaching to focus on root-cause resolution.  Cheryl is trained in somatic psychotherapies such as Internal Family Systems, Nervous System Mapping, Brainspotting, Positive Psychology Coaching and Somatic Trauma-Informed Coaching.  The recent launch of her new coaching program, Growing Your New Best Life, fills Cheryl with joy because it allows her increase her availability and provide ease of access for those who are ready to choose change!  Cheryl is deeply connected to nature, and to her family.  She loves to hike, explore and travel with her loves.


Her biggest desire is to live a soulfully aligned life in joy creating lasting change for her family, while lighting up as many lives as possible along the way.



  • Certified Master Coach Practitioner
  • Certified Somatic Trauma-Informed Coach
  • Certified Narcissistic Abuse Specialist
  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach
  • Certified Joy Sessions Facilitator
  • Level 1 Brainspotting Certification


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